Electricty and gas Marketing

Are you thinking about where to outsource your business ? Outsourcing provides you an opportunity to hire people as and when you need it for your project rather than on full time basis in your office where you have to pay them monthly salary & associated taxes along with administration costs even if there are no work for him. With, Jdigo , you can hire extra helping hands for your electricity & gas sales as and when you want to get more customers for your company. There are many suppliers who are providing electricity and gas sales or lead generation services through out the world, however Jdigo, has been in the business since 2005 & knows the business of generating utility switching sales in & out. The best part is, we are very flexible in our pricing and can go as low as $6 an hour if you decide to engage us for your electricity & gas sales project through call center activities.The selected candidate works as your own employee without the monthly headache of expensive Salary & associated taxes.

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