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Do you know that the world population is 7.5 Billion and 50% of them are using internet in their daily lives. Today number of people using the internet is higher than the number of people watching television, listening radio and watching movies in theaters. This is why Google, Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp & snapchat along with many others have become the greatest companies of the new century. Companies can't survive without internet marketing. Whether you are small time professional or service provider or big product manufacturing company, your existence will be less profitable if you are still alive, without the usage of Internet marketing. There are thousands of marketing firms providing the services of Internet Marketing. We have been helping our clients with their Internet Marketing Strategies including online advertising & social media marketing. Our professionals are Google, Facebook certified and they keep themselves updated with latest trends, techniques in internet marketing field.

In Internet Marketing, we provide the following services.

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    Google Adwords Marketing

    Combined users of all Google services such as YouTube, Google+, G-mail, Android play store, Google chromeare are around 7.5 Billions a month including the single user using multiple Google services. It is impossible for any business to become profitable without using some of their budget for advertising on Google. Our company has a lot of experience in helping the customers get the benefit of Google Adwords marketing. Our people are Google certified and they understand how to get more clicks at lesser cost while advertising on Google Adwords.

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    MSN BING adword Marketing

    MSN manages Skype, Hotmail, outlook, windows mobile phone, windows operating system and BING search engine. Combined traffic for all their services is more than 1.5 Billion active users. It is also cheaper to use MSN BING platform for online advertisements vs Google adwords. In some regions, MSN BING adword campaign gives good ROI. Our company can help its client to advertise on MSN BING platform, helping them get more customers at lesser cost.

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    Facebook Marketing

    Facebook is one of the most widely used platform to advertise various services and products with 2 billion active users worldwide. We are doing Facebook marketing for one of restaurant who had 1300 Facebook follower when we started out. In six months we have helped the restaurant get 40k followers and thousands of business enquiries worth more than $500,000. Our Facebook certified marketing experts in our company can help you find your next customer through Facebook marketing.

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    Instagram Marketing

    Instagram is one of the most widely used social media app around the world. Every 3rd person on planet Earth uses Instagram to connect with their friends, family and other knowns. From teenagers to Elders everyone have their Footprint on Instagram which make it easy to engage them with your Business. A successful Instagram advertising can help you achieve good leads from your interested customers. HOGO Works Solutions can help you set up your Instagram page and design the Instagram advertising.

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    Twitter Marketing

    Twitter has 400 million active users. It is one of the most widely used social media app around the world. People like Ex US president Obama & current President Trump uses Twitter to connect with their followers. A successful twitter advertising can help you achieve good leads from your interested customers. Our company can help you set up your twitter page and design the twitter advertising strategy to get the desired result.

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    Snapchat Marketing

    Snapchat is the new kid on the social media block who has impressed everyone with innovative ideas to connect people. With over 400 million active users, it is growing very raipdly. Brands and service providers who wants to connect with young guns of this world who are busy changing this century, looks at Snapchat to advertise their products and services. Our company with its experienced team can help you get on Snapchat and help you win some fans from millions of Snapchat users.

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    Smartphone APP marketing

    Total number of smartphone users will touch 7 Billion by 2020. Currently there are 3 Billion smartphone users around the world who are always busy on their smartphone. To succeed in Internet marketing strategy, you need to create plans & techniques to reach these smartphone users as much as possible. Our company, with its experience of marketing several apps in Africa & other places, can help you design perfect result oriented marketing strategy to get your app more smartphone users around the world.

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    Email marketing

    With 205 Billions of email being sent everyday for everyday use, email marketing has helped a lot of them survive and thrive in today's digital age. Our company has helped several clients achieve full potential out of their email marketing campaign. We can help you set up your own email server, help you capture opted in email data, help you with email newsletter design and email marketing along with in-depth reporting which will include click rate.

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    E-commerce marketing

    Currently people are buying $2 trillion worth of goods and services online without even visiting any physical stores. Any business who wants to stay alive in this era, need to have some method of selling online and becoming a part of this $2 trillion sales market. With in-depth knowledge and experience, Our company can help you with cost effective plans to push your products or services online, making your business get customers from around the world without even the need of opening new physical stores in uncharted territories.

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    Pay Per Click Advertising

    Search engines such as Google, Bing & yahoo allow businesses to buy sponsored listings in their search result page. These sponsored listings appear alongside & above the non paid organic search results. The search engine such as Google is then paid every time a user clicks on the sponsored listing. PPC can generate traffic right away. However if your PPC ad account manager is not experienced then you can lose a lot of money without any significant result. Our company has google certified adwords professionals who have years of experience and know-how to select the best keywords, how to increase the keyword quality score so that we pay less on clicks.

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    Online Reputation Management

    Customer and sometime competitors engage in ugly online offensive drive trying to damage your reputation by publishing hoax reviews of your products and services. Our company has wide experience in managing online social media accounts for our clients. We not only help you identify negative reviews and damaging content online but also we help you to remove them from online world. if we are unable to remove them then we will run offensive and defensive campaign to diminish the effect of those negative contents on your brand and company. Contact us today to know how we can help you to manage your reputation online.

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    Design & Development

    Having a website or social media profile is the first step to internet marketing. A design should not only have one way communication but should be able to engage the visitor to have two way communication which is important to convert the customer into lead. Our team has more than 30 years of experience in designing eye catching website which converts better than the competition. We can also help you with redesigning of your website after submitting you the free analysis of your current website.

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    Landing Pages

    A well targeted landing page can increase the visitor to lead conversion. For eg., we are selling Energy Auditing services to restaurants and we are promoting our website among the restaurant owners. So, if we include the testimonials from other restaurant owners showing how our services helped the restaurants to cut down their costs and helped them save some money. This will have a direct impact on the website visitors browsing that page helping us convert the customer to a prospect from just website visitor. Ask us to give you a free no obligation quotation for designing a successful landing page for your business.

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    Conversion optimization

    You have made your website and now you have started spending money on internet marketing. You can end up blowing millions if you don't calculate your conversion cost properly. We will study your website and forms, run some tests on your website to understand the best possible conversion rate that we can get. Analyzing the reports from tests will help you improve the conversion rate. Whats the point of blowing money without improvising the conversion rate and lowering the costs.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    The internet marketing is highly competitive. Everyone is trying to sell their products and services to the same customers. In this competitive world, We can help you generate sales from other websites through affiliate marketing. We can help you track sales through social media marketing, display advertisement, web links promoted by others, Conversion optimization, SEO and various other methods. The affiliate promotes your offers and in return gets paid by you.

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    Display Advertising

    Use display advertising to show your adverts on millions of websites and on mobile devices using Google platform or other platforms. Our company with its experience and through professionals can help you create your winning display ad strategy, delivering more customers at less cost.

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