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Marketing services for electricty and gas Companies in New york

With the fluctuations in weather conditions, homeowners are always looking at ways to reduce their monthly utility expenses which includes re-visiting their electricity & gas expenses. With the utility market being deregulated, it has become easy for everyone to switch their suppliers in order to get better rates. We works with Energy Companies & Brokers alike, helping them get new customers through its call center in India & in Philippines. We developing an online switching platform where customers can switch their suppliers without even speaking with anyone on the phone.

If you are looking for customers for your electricity & gas services than drop us a quick inquiry to get started. Our company has experienced telesales professionals waiting to get started on your customer acquisition campaign.

  • Why Choose us as your marketing partner for customer acquisition campaign :

    ●Experienced team who have been helping customers switch their     suppliers since 2010

    ● DNC & FTC compliant

    ● Experienced telesales agents

    ● Proper call center set up in India with latest dialer

    ● Quick turnaround time

    ● Quality control mechanisms

    ● American Manager to avoid communication loss in translation

    ● Flexible Pricing

    ● Experience in Digital Marketing for energy customer acquisition

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  • Please get in touch with us if you are looking to acquire new customers for your company.

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