Today, almost 4 Bn people have access to Internet. In developed countries, almost everyone have access to internet. Today number of people using the internet is higher than the number of people watching television, listening radio and watching movies in theaters. This is why Google, Facebook, Instagram, whatsapp & snapchat along with many others have become the greatest companies of the new century. Companies can't survive without internet marketing. Whether you are small time professional or service provider or big product manufacturing company, your existence will be less profitable if you are still alive, without the usage of Internet marketing. We have proved ourselves a good fit for Restaurant Online Marketing by delivering results through our marketing techniques & experience. To provide profitable solution, we suggest the following developments & steps as part of Restaurant Online Marketing.

- Restaurant Mobile App
• Website
• Online Order
• Online Reservation
• Loyalty Program
• Reviews & Direct Feedback
• Social Media Marketing
• Search Engine Marketing

  • Restaurant Mobile App

    With 3 Billion smartphone users in the world, it is impossible to ignore them & their smartphone addiction. Most of the Restaurant owners lack the funds, resources, interest & knowledge to develop their own smartphone App. Therefore they are unable to provide one touch ordering function to their customers from their smartphone.

  • Restaurant Website

    If you have a restaurant, then chances are you will have your ownwebsite. Question is, are you getting customers from your website ? Is it eye catching, user friendly & informative ? Does it have online order & online payment facilities ? Can the customer read the reviews of other people on your website ? There are several points which are needed to make a great website which not only sits there eating your money, but helps you expand your business by getting more & more customers.

  • Online Order

    We program your App & Website to show your menu with prices to your customers, reducing the time lost in communication for asking the menu from you. We provide you very user friendly admin panel from where you can add or edit or delete your menu along with refreshing your prices whenever you want. You make one changes on the admin side & your new dish along with its price will be visible on Facebook, website, IOS App & Android App. You can add your menu & prices using our menu section from Admin Page as shown in the above picture.

  • Online Reservation:

    Searching for a restaurant’s number, then getting someone on the phone to reserve a table in any restaurant is time consuming affair. Many of us don’t have time & patience to do all of the above to reserve our table, rather we love to walk in straight. Many a times, there are long wait time along with no empty tables. To save your customers from this unwelcoming experience, you can provide them online reservation facility on your website or through your mobile App. We can successfully design & implement beautiful user friendly online reservation tool which would be published on your website & mobile App. We can successfully design & implement beautiful user friendly online reservation tool which would be published on your website & mobile App. It would automatically send your customers confirmation email & sms if you accept their reservation request.

  • Loyalty Program:

    Let’s face it, doesn’t matter how famous or beautiful is your restaurant in town, you must be facing situation where the footfall must not be as per your expectation. To convert those low business hours into profitable hours, one need to create offers, discount coupons or cash back schemes. If Tuesday lunch time is bad business hour for you then you can create 20% cash back offer on Tuesday lunch. This will attract your customers. The cash back amount will be visible on their App, keeping them interested to keep your App in their smartphone.

  • Reviews & Direct Feedback:

    There are a lot of Restaurant reviews website such as yelp, tripadvisor, Open Table & many more. Customers love to write reviews out there but not everyone. Not every review posted out there are genuine reviews either. Having your own mechanism where your customers can leave reviews after their meal through your website or App can be very valuable for the future success of your restaurant. We can provide you reviews & feedback tools on your website & app from where customers can write about their experiences, giving you direct feedback. The best thing is, only the customers who have dined would have access to review service.

  • Facebook Marketing:

    There is no doubt that Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world today. We have experience in increasing the restaurant business by up to 30% only by using facebook marketing tools. Whether you want more followers, likes, enquiries, comments, sharing or business, we know the tools needed to get your desired result.

  • Twitter Marketing:

    With 500 Million users, twitter has become a very known social media to gather a lot of attention for your business. We can help you create a positive presence on twitter, while creating useful tweets to attract & engage with your Audience on twitter

  • Instagram Marketing:

    Restaurant & Instagram have become inseparable to each other. After all our eyes always gets attracted to beautiful things in life. We can set up your instagram page, create instagram posts, engage with your followers & convert them into potential business. Please see some of our instagram result below.

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  • Google place :

    I am sure you must be wondering, why to promote your restaurant on Google Plus. In today’s time you can remove your one limb from your body & still be breathing happily but if you take Google out of your life, you will start to feel the heat. Google has become the new God in today’s world. Millions of people use Google to review their favorite restaurant, however the restaurant fails to response back to them as they don’t even come to know about the google reviews.

  • Linkedin:

    Are you kidding me ? Yes, I know. That would be your response when We ask you to promote your restaurant business on linkedin which is a social media specially for executives. But think about it, these executives are the ones who are spending top dollars in restaurants. If you can’t get them to notice you then you won’t be able to attract big clients. We can manage your linkedin marketing e ff e c t i v e l y, f o c u s s i n g o n personalized invitation to linkedin executives from your local area to visit your restaurant. We have successfully converted business from linkedin for our

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  • You tube :

    Google search engine has been giving preference to videos while showing the search results. Its highly important that you create some of your restaurant videos which we can promote on youtube, getting more visitors to your website.

  • Google My Business:

    If you want to manage your google reviews or have better presence on internet, get better listing showcase on search results then you can not avoid having your listing in Google My Business. Its a must. We will not only create your Google My Business page but also manage your promotion on the same. Here you can see the reviews left for your restaurant on Google along with other comments & conversion analytics.

  • Google Map Listing:

    Millions of people are using google maps to search directions to different places & destinations. If you don’t have proper listing of your restaurant on Google Maps then you may be missed by potential customers when they are searching for your restaurant driving direction on Google Maps. Its very important to have your correct listing on Google Maps as Google gives them realtime driving direction to your restaurant. We can up your restaurant accurately on Google Maps helping your customers find you easily. The another benefit is Google will show your place first if the customer is closes to you provided your restaurant should be listed.

  • Local search engine listing:

    There are hundreds of local search engines & directories which do not have wide reach as Google but still quite relevant for your restaurant if you want to increase your local presence on internet. We will submit your restaurant details to all those local search engines so that you get more visibility against your competition.

  • Various food review website listing :

    Promoting your restaurant is very different than promoting any other business. Here customers can go to any food review website and write some negative comment. You as a restaurant owner might not even come to know about his experience unless you have access to those review website. We create your profile on other food review websites such as Open table, Yelp & trip advisor & help you turn haters into lovers.

  • Search Engine Optimization:

    We follow the proven process to optimize your website in order to get better visibility. Once you have your restaurant website then you need to promote it to get better result from the same. We can help you in complete search engine optimization process, making sure proper relevant keywords are optimized on your website content to get better visibility on various search engines.

  • Google Analytics:

    We will create your Google Analytic page if you already don’t have one to gather important information about your visitors. Google gives us several important information which are q u i t e v i t a l t o c r e a t e a s u c c e s s f u l m a r k e t i n g campaigns. Google Analytics helps us understand the sources from where the customers are coming on your website and on your app. Google also shows the customer’s device details from where the customers have accessed your website or mobile app, helping us making sure your website and app are optimized for those devices.

  • Google Adwords:

    We have Google Adwords certified professionals working with us who understand how to get better result for every dollar that you spend on Google Adwords. We v a l u e y o u r m o n e y, therefore our attempts are always to get maximum conversion for you in smallest budget possible. W e h a v e y e a r s o f experience in managing Google Adwords account.

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